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Hi, I’m Paul and I started Graft Online Coaching with the ambition of helping people gain access to a high standard of personal training without being restricted by their location.

These days with our hectic lifestyles it's not always easy to get to the gym on time for a PT session, but with the online training it allows you the flexibility to train progressively when you can and with the program design you need. 

I'll provide you with a training program that is easy to follow and is easily accessible from your phone or tablet. For your nutritional guidance I will provide you with a set of daily macronutrient targets (that you can easily track) towards your goal. These macronutrient targets allow you to eat foods you would normally, but within moderation. You will find that you learn a lot more about the nutritional value of foods you are eating and how to construct well balanced meals throughout the day and week, making the most of your daily targets. This process is a long term one and takes time, but with determination you can have long term sustainable results. Not another 'quick fix' yo-yo diet strategy.

My aim above all, is to provide you with the tools to achieve your goals, without sacrificing your enjoyment of life. You will still be able to go out with friends, dine out, enjoy your favourite foods and not spend countless hours in the gym.

Why Listen To Me?


Since 2009 I have continually invested in my personal development and studying. Below is a small snapshot of my qualifications to date: 

    •    University of Exeter (BSc Hons) Sports Science
    •    Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
    •    Level 4 Strength & Conditioning

For the last 12 years, I’ve been devoted to increasing my knowledge on all things training and nutrition. This really is my passion. My ‘downtime’ is research and expanding my knowledge base even further to support YOU make incredible changes. 

I have trained thousands of clients in the gym and online.

I’m passionate about helping people through fitness. Every client I coach: I’m here to serve you and make your life better.

And I’m damn good at it too.

Also, I practice what I preach. My particular passion is strength training and I have competed nationally in the sports of powerlifting and Strongman (placing 2nd in England in the under 80kg category). I have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’. I have worked tirelessly to improve myself and 1000s of clients over the years. Let me take out the guesswork and support you too. 

As well as the Online Coaching services, I offer 1:1 coaching to clients in the Stoke-on-Trent area, training out of the private Elite Fitness facility. Contact me for more information. This service is VERY limited and I’m currently at full capacity with in person clients. Please email me to declare your interest so I can stay in touch with you. 



Kelly Ann Mold

"I need Paul in my life daily. He’s just bloody brilliant and not only is he challenging me physically but through his sessions, FB and Insta photos, videos etc he’s educating me and turning my negative way of thinking into positive ones”

Phoebe Bambury

“Paul is absolutely amazing. I have had a PT before, but that pales into comparison to the support and knowledge that Paul can provide. He is friendly, funny, supportive and an all-round nice guy. I have made so much progress since training with him, not just physically but mentally as well. My relationship with food, exercise and my body is nothing like it has ever been”.

Charlotte Louise Bird

"“I can’t justify just how much Paul has helped me. He has really helped me exceed my own expectations of myself. He has bought out the best in me. He has been such a massive support. I can not believe i’ve managed to get where I am. I am very very grateful and very privileged to be working with Paul. #TeamGraft4Life”

Tom Stott

"Each week with Paul I've been hitting new personal bests and continually improving, pulling and pushing weight that I never thought would be possible. Paul's passion and commitment will help inspire many many more people”

Sharon Schofield

Every woman needs a Paul Dudley in their fitness life. He is an amazing PT instructor. Fact. Whenever you walk into his sessions you know they are going to be extremely challenging, but with his help and support and a little moaning from me, you get through them and surprise yourself week on week, hitting targets you could have only dreamed of previously. Paul likes his sessions to be FUN!! I am not sure my body agrees the day after

Paul Schofield

Paul Dudley = Small but mighty!! mightily strong, mighty knowledgeable, mighty passionate about his work and a mighty good guy!! It is refreshing to have a PT that truly loves what he does and it really shows. If, ( and it's a big if ), Paul doesn't know something he will research it and come back with some really useful advice. He knows how to push me hard without breaking me which I appreciate. Paul understands my limits therefore freakishly knows what I'm capable of before I do! His professionalism and depth of knowledge shines through every session. There is no take your money, give you a thrashing and run with Paul, he is genuinely interested in improving my strength and fitness



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